Taketomi Island

Taketomi is a small island offshore Ishigaki, surrounded by about 9 km of coastline, and it takes about 10 minutes from Ishigaki by a fast ferry. 
There are Shisas, traditional decorations that look like a cross between a lion and a dog, with a variety of expressive features on the Okinawan red roof tiles. Bright flowers bloom along the paths of pure white coral sand,  water buffalo carts go tranquilly with the sound of the sanshin, an Okinawan musical instrument, in the village. 
Taketomi is one of the best tourist spots in Yaeyama, still has a homely and beautiful typical Okinawan village in olden times, and is designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

Taketomi Island tourist information

Taketomi Island map
Circumference: 9.2 km   Area: 5.4 km2   Population: 338
An Okinawan landscape in olden times spreads threre.
We recommend you to go around the island leisurely and easily by rental bicycle. It is good to see a beautiful view.

[Kondoi Beach]

The very beautiful beach with the white sands and emerald green sea. The gradually shoaling beach is good for swimming.

[West Pier (Nishi-sanbashi)]

You can relax listening to the sound of waves at day time, and looking at splendid sunset at dusk.

[Nagomi Tower]

When you go up narrow and steep stairs with just enough room for one adult to walk, you can command the olden Okinawan village with white paths and red roof tiles on houses.

[Water buffalo cart rides]

(Duration about 30-40 minutes)
How about a round-trip in the village tranquilly by water buffalo cart while listening to the sanshin music and the guide for Taketomi?

A recommended tour of Taketomi

★Reasonable set plan including ferry tickets and a rental bicycle★
A course including a rental bicycle at Taketomi (without lunch)

Enjoy your cycling easily by rental bicycle at Taketomi.
You can choose the ferry for return any line you want (the last ferry departs at 18:00).

※The days do not allow you to book for canceled tours, as follows:
December 1 and 2

Tour details
Time table:
08:40/09:15/10:45/12:10/13:20 (you can choose your ferry time)
Adult (over 12 yrs): ¥2,300 Child (over 6 yrs): ¥1,500 Little child (under 6 yrs): ¥0
Ishigaki Port (departure) - Taketomi Port - Rental bicycle ride until your return -
Taketomi Port - Ishigaki Port (arrival)

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